Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Equipping the Next Generation

Every time I spend the weekend at my parent's house my Mom and I have the same conversation over the phone before I travel to Dallas:
  • Ma -"What should we cook? What kind of snacks should I pick up? What are you not eating now? Do you still drink wine?"
  • Nicole - "Ma, the usual, don't worry about it."
  • Ma - "Well, I never know. Every time you come home you're eating new things."
This is hysterical and at the same time so insightful. She's right, every few months I seem to gain new knowledge in nutrition and what it means to eat good quality food, and usually change up my eating habits in one way or another.

Growing up my parents never kept sodas in the house and my Mom usually made our after school snacks. Dinner was home cooked meals @ 6pm sharp, and it wasn't an option to miss. But as I grew up we introduced things into our diet like "fat-free", "low carb", and we always had dairy products, especially milk.

It wasn't too long ago that myself and most of the Central coaches were still eating dairy on a regular basis---> yogurt, cheese, etc. We recommended that most of our clients eat string cheese as a snack & top their meals with shredded cheese to get good fat intake. Crazy how things have changed! No more dairy, increased intake of "good" veggies, super food every morning, and omega 3s from natural sources.

Now - we're learning that some veggies aren't particularly ideal to eat year round because they're naturally out of season (even though our grocery stores sell them year round) like bell peppers & tomatoes. Looks like another change is in store for my Mom!

It makes me wonder what knowledge, information, and eating habits I'll pass down to my kids. We have the chance to empower and equip the next generation with the knowledge of what it means to be healthy, active, natural, and feel great.

Pictured Above: My niece Sofia playing in Nana's daises. I can't even begin to imagine all of the super stellar things I'll teach her!!

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