Monday, May 3, 2010

Good for the Soul

Sunday afternoon I had the urge to try a new side dish recipe to go with oven baked chicken. So I started searching a few of my favorite "clean food" sites ---> Mark's Daily Apple, Eat This, Eat Clean Live Strong, The Label Says Paleo & Primal Eating Modern Table. I finally settled on the Sauteed Chard with Apples & Bacon Salad from Primal Eating Modern Table!

The Ingredients:
Swiss Chard
Green Apples
Sauteed Onions
Fresh Garlic
& I added a little olive oil to the mix

This one was super easy to make! Check out the full recipe here. The final product - DELICIOUS!!

Their website is full of great ideas, information, and recipes. Up next --> the Primal Eating Modern Table Blueberry, Avacado, Kale shake!

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