Monday, January 11, 2010

Push Ups on 6th Street

This Saturday I went out with Chris G, Julie Ward, Megan Parsons, and a few of the Lake Pointe Ladies. We started off at Imperia with family style sushi platters & sake martinis - YUM! The food just kept coming!! It was absolutley heavenly, we then headed to Ester Follies for a litle comedy and then ultimatley over to 6th street. Along the way, after each bar, we stoped to do 10 push ups on the side downtown 30 degree weather. It was absolutley hysterical!!

People pushed to the windows of the bar to see what the heck we were doing. No one could figure out why. Why not!?!??? If anyone gave us a crazy look - I didn't see it. I could only see people cheering us on, laughing with us, giving high 5's!

Many of these ladies are taking on the 100 push up challenge, very similar to the 100 burpee challenge. They had to get in that day's push ups - even if it meant doing them on 6th street on a Saturday night!

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