Saturday, January 9, 2010

3-2-1 GO!

I Am CrossFit started with a bang early this morning! I pulled up to the facility @ 6:30am - it was 20 degrees and pitch black. Soon Crossfitters began to arrive in dozens of layers, nervously eying the pull up bars. It wasn't long before those layers lay in colorful heaps on the gym floor - everyone was warm in no time! Roughly 90 men and women took on the I Am Crossfit workout in the 20 degree Austin air this morning. Passerby vehicles looked at us like we were crazy. Maybe.....but we all feel great and are ready to attack life. My kind of crazy!

I will be joining the 100 I Am Crossfit clients over the next 8 weeks ---> this means dialed in nutrition, consistent workout regimen & consistent rest!

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