Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Slogans, Tag Lines, Adventures, Oh My!

In my work at CrossFit Central I have brainstormed and thought up a few tag lines, ideas, and mantras. Not all of them stick - but it's fun trying! The latest tag line we've developed is Be Fit. Be Strong. Be Relentless. - with the major sticky phrase being BE RELENTLESS. Now, it's no Ilon Specht, who penned the phrase "Because I'm Worth It" (Now turned to Because You're Worth It --> whose popular phrase is now synonymous with the entire brand that is L'Oreal, not just a copy for a commercial....genius!!) BUT a girl can dream ;)

PS --> The most intriguing thing I find about Specht's award winning copy - she wrote it in a moment of complete and utter frustration, sitting in a room full of men, in a time when women weren't taken too seriously. Her coworkers continued to press the idea of the L'Oreal woman as a "traditional and glamorous woman" who wanted to look good and dye her hair for her man - she was livid. In her office, determined to give these guys the editorial middle finger, she sat down and feverishly wrote a slogan that is still widely used and very popular, over 30 years later.

Specht says of that moment "I just thought, F*@# you. I sat down and did it, in five minutes. It was very personal. I can recite to you the whole commercial, because I was so angry when I wrote it."

Check out this AWESOME Relentless teaser video:

Be Relentless from CrossFit Central on Vimeo.

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