Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Future of Books?

I was recently introduced to the latest media medium - a VOOK. It's a combination of "your favorite book with engaging video". It allows you to read a book and watch video in the same context on an itouch or iphone. At first, I though..Hmmm, looks like an updated version of the kindle.

When the kindle and other digital book readers came out I refused to buy one, simply on principle. Well, that and I don't deal well with scrolling text on a tiny screen! I am a compulsive reader and to some extent borderline obsessed. I love the way books smell and the way they look and feel....The way the freshly bound and unused binding creaks on a hard back book each time you open it, wearing in with each sentence I said, borderline obsessed. Using a kindle felt fake.

I will always love books in their "traditional"....soon to be vintage form; however, for non-fiction books, teaching tools, etc - I think the vook is absolutely genius! Picture yourself reading a book on Paleo Nutrition and with each chapter you can watch a complimentary video on recipes, farmer's markets, or information on non-paleo foods - LOVE IT!

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