Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pay For What You Get

I was driving home from a meeting this morning and clicked on the radio. A commercial for a local Austin gym was on - one that plays every time I'm in my car least twice every 30 minutes. You might have heard it - it goes something like this: "Join Our Gym for $1.00 - Pay $10 the next month, no commitment" The only words that seem to stick in my head --> NO COMMITMENT.

I truly believe that we must work to monitor our thoughts and that the words that come out of our mouths combined with our actions - that these sources of energy - more than anything, define us. This business boasts cheap membership fees, but in the same sentence combines no commitment, to me that means no results.

Once upon a time I joined gyms like this - and I saw zero results. I then joined CrossFit Central, put money into a high quality training program, and saw my body transform like it never has before!

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