Wednesday, January 6, 2010


My absolute favorite NFL player is Cortland Finnegan. Here's why:

1. Hes Unassuming - the guy is 5'10" 188lbs, he looks small out on the field but is SUPER powerful
2. He Will Make You Lose Focus - Cortland plays with an intensity, watching him you get the sense that the knows exactly how to get in his opponent's head and makes his move when they make a mistake
3. He's Aggressive - If there's a big stop, you better believe he's involved. If there's a fight, hes probably in the middle of it
4. Last One Picked - Cortland went unnoticed in the 2006 draft. Sports Illustrated projected him to go undrafted. Finally, the Titans picked him up as the 7th Pick of the 7th Round. He is now a big player and a 2009 Pro Bowl starter.

No one can pave your path and no one determines your success - But YOU - not even ESPN, your past failures, or even your past accomplishments. DO WORK.

Finnegan Intercepting a Pass

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