Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Fit Foods - Is it Worth It?

My Fit Foods recently opened its doors to Austinittes! This company started in Houston and is growing fast. The concept: provide pre-cooked meals & snacks that are healthy and offer balanced protein, carbs, and good fats with each bite. I had tasted their food at a few CrossFit Central events and finally stopped by the new store in Bee Caves yesterday afternoon.

The verdict? YES IT'S WORTH IT! I was very impressed. I picked up a couple of snacks, a small chicken & veggies for me and a large chicken taco bowl for Zac (picture below) I really liked the organization of the store and their products. The nutrition is on the side of each container so there's no guess work and no calculators needed! I also loved the fact that the containers were divided by portion size so I easily picked up a small container for me and a large container for Zac. AND it tastes really good!

Zac took the taco bowl to work today, so we'll see what he thinks of today's guess is it's a step up from the usual turkey, salad and fruit or left overs I pack for him each morning! ;)

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1 comment: Lindsey and Web Smith said...

My Fit Foods has sponsored Lindsey and Me for almost a year now. It has certainly made a huge difference in our workouts. We love MFF!