Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Welcome Back Hughes!

Today officially marked the start of Week 2, back in the gym & back from the Holidays for me. During the Holidays I didn't workout for 2 weeks straight!! It is incredible what can happen to your fitness level and overall energy in two weeks time when you don't workout and you introduce foods into your diet you don't normally consume.

1st of all Let's Get my list of excuses out of the way:
1. We were in Lubbock for a week away from my typical routine
2. Our alcohol intake increased
3. Zac's Mom made her super amazing & famous casserole for Christmas
4. Pie & Avatar
5. Drinking coffee and snowball fights with Deacon sounded more fun than going to a the gym
6. Oh yea - then there was New Year's Eve....and Saturdays....

There you have it, my excuses, otherwise known as COMPLETE BS. For 2 weeks now I have taken the initiative to get back into my workout regimen. I took on 500ft of lunges in a WOD last Monday which was my first day back - and because I'm a little stubborn I decided that I didn't need to scale anything against the advice of my coach - I was wrecked for 4 days straight, oops.

Today I did pull ups for the first time in about a month (as you can see from the picture above!) Today is also the turning point, I can feel it! I feel amazing and strong. I can't wait for tomorrow's workout!

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