Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Planning CrossFit Central's Largest Event

There is a lot of work that goes into planning CrossFit Central's Fight Gone Bad, our largest event of the year. We created a Fight Gone Bad board a couple of months ago made up or 8 leaders of different aspects of this event - everything from logistics of the workout and equipment to packet pick up. We meet every other Wednesday to discuss details of this event. Today we did the 1st official walk through @ The Long Center and mapped out what the event will look like.

I absolutely love this venue for Fight Gone Bad. It looks out to the Austin City Skyline. So as your pounding away reps, catching your breath, and fighting through the workout your view looks something like this:

Walking up to the venue looks something like this:

This event is going to be awesome! If you haven't signed up already - do so today. This event will fill up, there will be no day of registration for this one. We'll be leaking all of the details via the CrossFit Central website including sponsor information, giveaway information, and more!

My personal goals this year for Fight Gone Bad:
1. Raise $300
2. Compete at the Elite Level
3. Score: Break 300 Points

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