Monday, July 13, 2009

The Games

CrossFit Central took an 5 competitors, an affiliate team, and 20+ spectators to the 2009 CrossFit Games. The affiliate team made it to the top 5 and four of our competitors made it to the top 10. This feat is phenomenal. Right before the start of the final affiliate event Dave Castro grabbed the mic and announced that CrossFit Central and OPT both have affiliates with competitors in the top 10 and and an affiliate team in the top. "Jeremy Thiel and OPT must be doing something right, give these guys a round of applause." Dave Castro

CrossFit Central Competitors:

Carey Kepler - 3rd Place

Lindsey Smith - 5th Place

Crystal McReynolds - 9th Place

Jeremy Thiel - 16th Place

Lance Cantu - 34th Place

CrossFit Central Affilaite Team - 2nd Place

Spectators in Action
This is right before the final workout on Sunday - Julie, me, and Cassie. The other spectators posted up on to the left of the fence so the competitors got cheers from all sides of the stadium. This is the point where I lost my voice....

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