Thursday, July 16, 2009

Divine Appointments

About a month ago I was sitting in a business training seminar, taking notes, when I heard the conference leader say, "You better talk to everyone near you and and honor them by listening to them intently." Treat everyone like they are someone important because you never know who you're sitting by. What if you knew you were in the presence of a billionaire or royalty would you treat them differently? Would you listen to their stories more intently?

I wouldn't think I treat anyone differently or listen according to any given title. But I started to think about the many people we cross paths with every day. How much do we make an effort to find out who they are, where they come from, or their dreams & goals? Are we so busy that we don't have time for a 15 minute conversation? Or is it that we're too busy sharing our own story that we miss their story?

I began to pay attention to my conversations with people who come into my every day life. Like the guy at the grocery check out line, Nate, who I found out just started CrossFitting at home, recently took on Fight Gone Bad and thought it was killer!

Keith (pictured above) makes trips to the Crossfit Central gym every so often with our main Cintas man, Robert. These guys are two of the most genuine and nice people. Some days Robert will show us a new dance move or Keith will hang on the pull up bar while he's waiting on Robert.

We got to talking one day and Keith told us about his "athlete" days. Twenty years ago he ran for the University of Alabama and for 12 years Keith ran for Nike! He set world records in his day. Who would have know we had a world record breaking athlete stopping by our gym every other week? His son currently runs for North Texas and just made the Junior World Olympics as a Freshman. Keith Talley will be running in Trinidad at the end of this month representing the United States. Who would have known......

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Z. Hughes said...

LOVE You Wife!! You are amazing!!