Monday, July 6, 2009

Vacation Slide Show Time!

Just got back from Portland - it was absolutely gorgeous. We arrived on "the hottest day of the year" The locals could not get over how hot it was -- the temperature gauge read 82 degrees at 12 in the afternoon. When we left Austin at 6am it was near 90. Needless to say, the weather was perfect.

We indulged in the local food and breweries but we were very active too! On our list of activities was a 2 hour hike, 3 mile morning runs downtown, & Bikram Yoga - felt like Texas.

1st Stop was a local bar called McMeniman's - they kept most of the the inside of the building exactly how they found it.
This was one of the entrances into the bar:

On the 2nd day of our trip we headed to the second largest waterfall in the US. Multnomah Falls Falls - a 600 foot drop to the shallow water below.

There were literally hundreds of tourists visiting these same falls so we found a trail off the side of the road for a "real hike". We were pretty much the only people on this trail - my kind of hike.

We saw these guys all over the downtown area playing drum beats on the corner using buckets and old glass bottles - they were awesome!

And of course - the fireworks!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I can tell you guys had an awesome time - AND kept fit while doing it. What a perfect couple!