Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We're All in This Together

I had the opportunity to meet Stephanie Tait and Matt Hill, two athletes who have set out to make a difference in our world. Lululemon hosted these two athletes at their store on Sunday evening for a talk and a yoga class for runners - free and open to the public. The couple were nothing short of pure inspiration. They run a marathon a day - this is an incredible feat - and they do it to inspire environmental action in communities all across North America. Their initiative is call Run for The Planet. They have a goal of raising 1 million dollars which will be donated to environmental projects in US cities. They spend their time running to the next city, where they give talks at stores, auditoriums, and local schools.

During Matt & Stephanie's talk, their energy radiated through the room. These are two people who ran all week, (remember - we're talking about a marathon a day!) then ran around town lake when they arrived in Austin. They were at Whole Foods giving talks and Luluemon on Sunday night. They must be indescribably exhausted - but they didn't mention a word of their fatigue. Their bright smiles and inspiring words were uplifting. I asked Matt about the projects they are funding - his enthusiasm spilled out in every word "We're always really exited to talk to kids in the different cities, they have such great ideas for environmental projects in their cities. And - they're the generation who will need to keep up these projects"

Check Out their website - There are videos, pictures, and all kinds of information: http://www.runforoneplanet.com

On this particular day, when President Elect Barrack Obama, lays his hand on the Bible that Abraham Lincoln swore his oath upon, you can't help but think, what will you do this year to make a difference?

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