Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Story

A year ago this May Zac, my fiance turned husband, and I moved to Austin. We were two young kids with passion in our hearts, fire in our bellies, and a dream - that's it. We moved with no jobs....not even with a promise of a job....or a clue where we might work.... and enough money to live for two months. We knew that Austin was the city to live in for anyone with creativity, drive, and determination. So we packed up our dog Deacon and our belongings (which consisted of my bed from college, Zac's couch, a Pink Floyd poster, some Titans paraphernalia, and a shower curtain) and hit the road to pursue our new journey.

Zac had a dream of working in a creative field - Advertising or Gaming and I wanted to pursue writing or publishing. We both set goals to have "temporary jobs" within two months - Something to pay the bills while we looked for our real career. Within that time frame we both got our temporary jobs. Zac was working at Frost Bank as a teller and I was helping Jeremy Thiel organize the paperwork side of his business, CrossFit Central. Zac and I then set another goal - His: By Feb. 27th he would be in a career field that he desired. Mine: By January I would move from being Jeremy's personal assistant to a prominent leadership role in the CrossFit Central community.

Not too long into the month of January I took over a few jobs at CrossFit Central, throwing me deeper into this amazing community! From there I kept pushing to learn more, do more, be more. On February 2nd Zac got a job at Idea City, an advertising agency - The field that he is most passionate about and a company that cultivates creative and passionate minds.

Below are a few pictures of Zac and I when we lived in Lubbock. Almost 2 years ago:

My Sister in Law and I a few months before moving to Austin

Me with my girlfriends, I was in CFCentral programs for roughly 2 months:
Our fitness routine prior to Crossfit consisted of running 2-5 miles a few times a week and dropping into a boxing cardio class twice a month. We thought we were pretty fit individuals - until we joined CrossFit Central. I saw results immediatley after I joined the Rowing Dock Boot Camp. Four months later I joined the CrossFit Indoor program and it changed my life.

I had never really been inside a weight room and had never laid my hands on a barbell or plates -- ever -- prior to CrossFit. In High School my sport was Cheerleading, our coaches were more concerned about our stunts and getting back flips than workouts that resembled CrossFit. If I only knew then what I know now........Today words such as Olympic lifts, clean and jerk, butterfly pull ups are in my every day vocabulary.

CrossFit has shown me that I am always capable of more than I think I am. After coming to a CrossFit class, taking on the toughest workouts in the world, and proving everyday that I am capable just by showing up.....well, it makes every task seem achievable. I feel strong in mind and body. I completed my first Triathlon and have plans to take on my first half marathon. These are things that I always kept in my "wouldn't it be nice/maybe someday" file and now I have accomplished them!! I've lost 10 pounds and have gone from always teetering between a size 4 & 6 to a consistent size 4. I have more confidence and so much more energy!!

What's Next? I want to do more CrossFit workouts as prescribed, I want to drop 5% body fat in the next 8 weeks. I want to not die of exhaustion during the half marathon!!! 2009 - Bring It!!!

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