Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Strong Women

I did it. I completed my first ever Triathlon!! The experience - Surreal. Riding on the bus from the parking lot to the event site my mood was serious and solemn, no more fish food jokes or coming up with nicknames. All I could think about was the looming open water swim, the only part I was anxious about. We unloaded the bus and walked by the lake to transition area. That Sunday Morning was extremely windy and was causing waves to ripple throughout the lake. I hadn't even thought about waves!! My mind was racing but there was no time to think - I had to get my transition area set up and air up my tires. I met up with my triathlon buddies for a few photos and then they were off to the start line. My wave was about an hour or more behind everyones so I had plenty of time to sit, relax, and focus. Soon my group was called and my body moved toward the water. Before I knew it the countdown began and it was 3-2-1 -Go! I was in the water swimming. Once I was out there all fears melted away. There was no way I was turning back & I couldn't touch the bottom of the pool - all there was for me to do was keep swimming. Before I knew it I had reached the beach and I was running up to my trans area.
I felt great on the bike - it was windy and some of the hills were tough, but I pushed through all of them. I got back to the trans, started on my run and soon crossed the finish line and became an official triathlete (well, at least for the day) The other 6 women who joined me in this feat from CrossFit Central Carla, Irene, Kelly, Julie, Karen, and were inspiring, and motivating! I look at my body in a completely new way now - I see the potential within and realize how strong I truly am and what I am able to endure. Before Joining CrossFit Central I never would have thought I would actually accomplish this goal - but now here I stand on the other side of the finish line, ready for another one!

The Spectacular 7 From CrossFit Central

Julie Ward and I after completing the race - she is one tough lady!
Julie & I showing our CrossFit Central Pride - Shock & Awe!!!

Photo of Zac & I right after I crossed the finish line - I could barely stand up!

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