Monday, April 7, 2008

TriTraining Begins!

Julie Ward and I completed our first week of triathlon training with Rogue Running - Iron Chicks. Our schedule includes Run, Bike, Swim, Core & Combination/ Transition Day. For our functional training - CROSSFIT! Last Thursday was the bike portion. I haven't been on a bicycle in years - let alone competitive swims...I think I still have water stuck in my ear! This first week we've been focusing on technique, especially in the swim training. This has been the most difficult part for me thus far.

CrossFit has stirred my natural tendency to be competitive. This morning during Swim Training we were supposed to focus on breathing and form. Our Coach yelled GO! So I took off - naturally seeking the best time. I get to the end of the lane, tap the side and push off to finish my lap - I emerge from the water & look around - 1st! The swim coach humbly reminds me that a 1/2 mile would amount to 12 more of those - and in the triathlon I would still have the bike and run left.....

Pictured Above: Julie Ward and I getting ready for our 1st Bike Training at the Veloway

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