Thursday, April 10, 2008

MetCon Challenge

The 3rd Challenge of the Fittest Games was awesome!! It was held out at the Dynamax Medicine Ball HQ in Buda, TX. This part of Texas is gorgeous. At 6:45am I was admiring the landscape - hills that ducked through towering trees and weaved amongst tall grass, wildflowers and bluebonnets dotting the side of the road - by 9:00am however, when it was my turn to take on this challenge, my thoughts slipped from admiration into sheer determination as I battled "the hill". The picture below doesn't even do it justice - this one was tough! Can't wait for the next one! April 5th 5K Off Road

The Hill
The Volunteers
Myself, Coach Crystal McReynolds, and Fittest Games Participant Jenny Ervin

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