Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The List

I am a list maker. I love to make lists. I make them for the grocery store, for my to-dos for the day, for my dreams and ambitions, and even when I'm packing for a big trip. Whether or not the list is actually used however, is a completely different story. One on-going List that I do hold myself accountable for though, is my list of things I plan to accomplish. This has everything from Speaking French to writing the next Great American Novel. This July I have decided that I will cross off one major feat on my ToDo's and compete in the Danskin Triathlon. For years I've watched and heard Jeremy Thiel's experience competing in these events and I'm amazed by the amount of athleticism it takes triathletes to swim, bike, and run & still live to tell about it! My partner in crime for this upcoming achievement - Julie Ward. I'm expecting my body to go through a few changes since I'll be training 4 days a week and CrossFitting 2 days a week.... I am so ready!

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