Monday, March 17, 2008

Training at 101

Buster Martin is 101 years old, works 2 jobs, and is currently training for the London Marathon. Media now follows him through his marathon training - where he takes a few breaks "for a pint". Buster can't seem to grasp what all the fuss is about, he is simply staying active. Nearly a year ago as he was walking home one evening Buster was mugged. These unsuspecting criminals messed with the wrong man! Buster used a karate kick to fend them off, and even though he was hospitalized over night, Buster was back at work the next day. How does this man fit into our schema of aging? We tend to believe that our bodies and minds deteriorate as we age, but Buster proves this theory wrong. He is sharp, strong, and willful at 101. What are you doing at your age? Click Here to watch a News Clip of Buster Martin

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