Monday, October 4, 2010


My girlfriends & I recently went to Chicago for a girls trip - our version of a college reunion. What did we do in the windy city? Saw a Cubs game, ate Chicago style pizza, danced in a basement club, did some sight seeing - and of course took a touristy photo! (as if our "ya'lls" and affinity for bottled beer didn't give us away)

*Note: this is the first time ever - EVER - that we've had more non-blondes in the group! Since our freshman year in college Lindsey (on the far left) Heather (red head, 2nd from the right) and myself (dark brown, 3rd from the left) have always been the only ones that weren't blond! Sarah - welcome to the dark side ;)

@ The Cubs Game...our best attempt at looking 'hard'.....pretty sure we failed

@ Millinum Park 'The Bean'

Out & About....

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