Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Murph: Nomad Style...Kind of

This past Saturday we joined CrossFitters across the globe and took on MURPH in honor of Navy Seal, Michael Murphy's service & life. My parents were in town visiting so we couldn't make it to CrossFit Austin's annual Murph event. But this was a workout I didn't want to miss out on. SO as every good Nomad should, we decided to take on this workout outside wherever we could find a pull up bar.....or so we thought.

Saturday morning we woke up to a 'Texas' down pour. The kind of storm that unleashes buckets of rain for a couple of hours and leaves a wake of thick sunshine and humidity in its trail. Knowing we couldn't use that as an excuse we headed to our apartment gym to see how we could still take on the Murph. And as luck would have it, there was a pull up bar!! It was supper slick and ridiculously tiny, after a bit I had to sub a movement for pull ups.

This was my second year to take on this brutal workout. Last year I did in just over 53 minutes. This year I completed the workout in 38:23...add on some more time for 'real pull ups' I think I still would have come in under last year's time.

But my Murph time isn't what's important in this story - what matters most is honoring and reflecting on one man's time and service during his life; and in turn, relecting on my life and the time spent with those I care most about, and living in the moment every day.

Amongst a sea of machines and concrete walls you know I had to rock my new G7 Nomad shirt!!!!!!


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