Sunday, April 18, 2010

I was waiting for a big back yard to plant a garden....but then I realized there's no need to wait! Last weekend I planted some herbs - Basil, Thyme, Mint, Rosemary & Serrano Peppers, a few green plants, and of course - flowers.

How To Lesson on Planting an Herb Garden on Your Apartment Patio:

Step 1: Enlist help
Deacon was a perfect specimen - loves to play in the dirt and prefers to be paid in cookies....

Step 2: Purchase Your Plants
I used to spend $2.50 on fresh Basil or Rosemary every week that I went to the grocery store. I was able to buy these herbs @ The Natural Gardner for $1.29 each. They grow so fast too - I've already had to trim them back since planting - Bargain!

Step 3: Wear a great big hat
I swear it improves your gardening skills by 60%

Step 4: PLANT IT!
Put your potting soil into your pot, place the herbs in the pot, fill in and around with more soil. Water & Viola! Fabulousness on your apartment patio!

The Finished Product:

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