Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear Twitter God - I have finally surrendered. As a sacrifice I offer you my anonymity. In return I expect you will make me famous.

Ninja Hughes

For the past 3+ years I've lead CrossFit Central's marketing and media platforms. I've developed numerous websites, cultivated the brand, and worked to create the model that is Garage Gym Marketing. The one thing I haven't tapped into (personally) is TWITTER. I recognize and believe in the importance of twitter for businesses and constantly follow the success of this social medium but just couldn't bring myself to sign up for a personal twitter account.

Why join now after being successfully stubborn for 2 years? It all began with Gary V's book, Crush It, and Web Smith and my many conversations on marketing and social media. The more I looked into it the more I saw endless possibilities. Not only opportunities for businesses to connect directly to the public but the chance for people to ignite social change and join local & global movements, simply by clicking the follow button.

Queen Rania of Jordan utilizes her twitter account as a vehicle to change people's perceptions and prejudices. RevRun tweets daily devotionals and scripture - sounds like something I want to be apart of. One day far in the future I'll probably live in an obscure location and travel to quaint distant places where I will truly disconnect from the matrix. But that day is far in the future, and today I have the opportunity to connect with hundreds of people using modern day literature, be effected by those I follow, and quite possibly affect people's lives.

4 comments: Lindsey and Web Smith said...

Beautifully said, my friend. Welcome to the matrix, Nicole! Now, embed your twitter feed on your sidebar and load "Uber Twitter" on your faithful blackberry.

I'll see you tomorrow for meetings galore.


~Melisa said...

Ugh! Is it really ALL that!? This makes me feel like I need to give in to the peer pressure, too.
I sucessfully avoided getting on MySpace a few years back...I thought I could hold out on this. make excellent points, though!

Nicole Hughes said...

@Web - thanks for the intro to Twitter and the handy tutorial today! I am ready to GO!!!! ;)

Nicole Hughes said...

@Melisa - I know exactly how you feel!! I never got a MySpace and still don't have a Facebook account. But twitter is the next level, it can be super powerful!! DO IT - Become a tweeter!!! ;)