Thursday, March 18, 2010

2010 Sectional

200 athletes, 100+ volunteers, 42 Level 1 Certified Judges, 6 professional photographers, 4 On-Site Medics & the SICFIT media team = One Amazing Event.
We saw athletes put it all on the line this weekend, and it was an inspiration to watch everyone compete. All of the workouts were tough, but WOD 2 really caught a few people off guard. Charlie Lima, of CrossFit ATM turned to me halfway through WOD 2 and asked, "Did you guys know WOD 2 would crush this many people?" We knew it would be tough but we watched men and women struggle to complete their Hand Stand Push Ups.
Putting on an event of this magnitude takes a lot of people and hard work. There is no way we could have pulled off an event like this without our amazing volunteers, judges, and the CSTS lead team. By Sunday afternoon after all of the equipment was unloaded at Central I was exhausted - but went to celebrate a job well done with a well deserved Modelo. ;)

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