Sunday, February 21, 2010

SICFIT's 1st Commercial Launched!

Web Smith & I sat down @ Cafe Medici a couple of weeks ago to discuss a few media projects. One of them at the top of the list --> a commercial for SICFIT. We devised a brilliant concept, got Elliot Schrock's input & direction, and scheduled the shoot. Even though Web, Kris Kepler, and I were up at Central back to back - Saturday and Sunday morning @ 6am - I had an absolute BLAST!! Elliot pieced together the footage, worked his magic, and came up with the killer video below. There is nothing better than taking an idea or concept, putting it through the creative wringer and seeing a finished project.

My favorite part: The ending when Crystal McReynolds closes the garage door & Kris K walks out the gym door. This seemingly trivial scene is not only visually stunning but is pivotal to the athletes in the video. This single act sums up the video, empowers the viewer, and leaves you wanting more. The athletes finish their task and go to face "the real world". We assume they'll be back again tomorrow, pushing the boundaries of human potential.

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