Friday, February 19, 2010

Dear Shaun White - You & Your Double McTwist Are My Hero

The Olympics is nearly over, so my Olympics focused posts will also soon come to an end (promise!) Shaun White is my hero - this guy is an incredible snowboarder & athlete. He took the Gold in this Year's 2010 Winter Olympics, and is just insane!!!

Top 2 reasons why Shaun is SIC:
  • Reason #1
    @ The X Games this year he busted...hard. If you haven't seen the video, click here and prepare to cringe. After he gets his composure he rushed to the top of the hill and rode again. He says he had to do it - he had to immediately get back out there and take on the trick that nearly snapped his neck. This way, Shaun says, there was no time for fear to set in & no time for 2nd guessing.

  • Reason #2
    @ this year's Olympics he already had the Gold medal before his 2nd ride. He was the final snowboarder and the Gold was a done deal. But he still gave the half pipe every inch of focus, beat his winning Gold Medal Score, AND pulled out the Double McTwist 1260 (which on his 1st ride in the finals he didn't do) He did it because he can & because he's passionate!

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