Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Magic Exists!

The first time I heard the name Tony Robbins was in 1999 in the movie She's All That. That's right, Mr. Robbins makes a cameo (by name only) when Freddie Price Jr, responds "OK Tony Robbins!" to criticism about his undecided future. I was 17 years old at the time and thought, Who the heck is Tony Robbins? So I looked him up & over the next 8 years I would categorize Tony Robbins with all other self-help paraphernalia in my BS file. I believed I was above this stuff and didn't need to improve upon myself by reading self help books or going to seminars. I was a decent and intelligent person, learned from my mistakes, considered other's feelings, had an open mind, and the ability to pull myself out of a slump using only my mind and my environment. (BTW - this is all called EGO!!!)

Since then I have some a long way, and now realize that my mind needs training, just like my body and spirit. We are bombarded daily with propaganda, negativity, and victimization. So to combat that who wouldn't want a daily dose of positive mentorship? A map to change everything in your universe from your thoughts to your actions to the way you perceive the world and what you're capable of.

I joined a Tony Robbins group @ Central where we listen to his CD's every day and get together once a week to reflect on the changes we've made, will implement, etc. I was listening to a CD one day when Tony asked, "Where is the magic in your day?" Think about that - every day holds magic. Most people just go through the motions: Get up - Work out - Go to Work - Eat Lunch - Work - Come Home - Eat Dinner - Watch TV - Go to Bed - Get up - Workout - Go to Work - (yuck!)

Reflect on Your Day. There was magic - we're you looking for it?
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