Monday, January 4, 2010

Employee of The Year

I was recently named Employee of the Year for CrossFit Central! I am absolutely honored as there are many people who make this engine run. Everyone works hard and is dedicated to the Crossfit Central mission. At the banquet, when Jeremy and Carey were giving their opening speech, I though that my partner in crime, Julie Ward, would surely receive this award. We are better known in the CrossFit Central interim as Shock and Awe - the dynamic duo who press out many a project @ Central. Also killing it behind the scenes are Christine White & Ben Flores - none of us could get the job done without them.

Thank you to Jeremy and Carey for the opportunity to be apart of this movement. Looking back on the past year we have done some amazing things...a few of my proudest accomplishments:

CrossFit Central Success Stories
CrossFit Central Empowerment Stories
Grand Opening @ Central
I Am CrossFit
Spartan 300 Challenge
Fight Gone Bad 2010 Event
Fight Gone Bad Video - Winner of Best Soundtrack
The Movement
Viewing the CrossFit Games @ The Alamo Draft house
Launch of Endurance & Boot Camp Website
Launch of SICFIT.Com
BlackBox Summit Event & SICFIT Coverage
CrossFit Central Community Growing to 600+ People

Zac & I at the December Banquet

Shock and Awe Celebrating

Myself & Julie with CrossFit Central owner, Jeremy Thiel

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