Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Around the time of the Spartan 300 Challenge I gave up dairy. Cheese was by far my favorite food and I knew it wasn't going to be an easy task. I put cheese on my eggs, had string cheese for a snack, cheese on my salad - absolutely loved it! So to give it up all together was going to take some discipline and possibly some counseling.

The first week of no dairy all I wanted was cheese, this lead to wanting other sources of dairy - milk, sour cream, yogurt, ice cream - things I rarely ate any way - but man, did I want them! Talk about the power of the mind - just because I decided I wasn't going to eat dairy anymore I was bombarded with thoughts of how great it would be to eat dairy. Needless to say week 1 was a struggle. Week 2 came around and it was slightly easier - less dairy filled thoughts. By week 3 I could care less about dairy and cheese all together. Now, if I happen to have dairy on occasion - my stomach is in knots.

So it is officially Day 2 of the 30 Days of Paleo. I sat in a lunch business meeting yesterday watching everyone eat chips and salsa (another one of my favorites) but stayed strong and didn't eat any chips. Next week will be easier and by week 3 I'll hardly notice that Paleo is my way of eating.

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Melicious said...

Congratulations, Nicole! Passing on the chips & salsa was hard for me the first few weeks, too... I love them so much! But now, I'm pretty much immune to the temptation.

I hear ya on the dairy. I ate 1/2 a cheeseburger on vacation and felt like I swallowed a kettlebell. NOT fun.

Go, cavewoman!