Monday, May 18, 2009

The 21st Century Family Business

Most people will tell you not to get into business with your family and friends. Not us.

Most companies will set up rules and regulations to keep people from forming true relationships outside of work other than a business relationship. Not us.

Most people leave work on Friday, thankful they don't have to see their co-workers for two days. Not Us.

Most People can't wait for Friday (TGIF!!!) because that means they get to escape from work, stress, and pressure. Not Us

The CrossFit Central staff is made up of family members, friends, and most of the coaches have some sort of connection to Lubbock, West Texas, big families, or farming and ranching. This is not by accident. The Central team is designed this way - and if you can't claim one of the above categories, you are quickly made into a friend and family member. We celebrate together, work together, travel together, push each other, and call each other out when needed. We work on the weekends and look forward to events, to us Friday is just another day & Saturday is a great opportunity to do something fun for the community.
These are a few pics from a recent dinner @ Polovos


Catherine Hart Rebholz said...

You all inspire me! It is truly an honor t have discovered this family. Thank you. Great post.

Roland Lance Cantu said...

nuff said....:)