Friday, March 20, 2009

Hardcore or Crazy?

When my Mom saw my hands last weekend her reaction went something like this:

Mom: (GASP!) "Oh my gosh! Nicole, what did you do?"
Me: "Ma, I was working on pull ups! I actually did it on my own - no bands!"
Mom: "That's not right! Look at your hands!!!"
Me: "I'm tough stuff now Mom!"
Mom: "I don't know Nicole, girls hands aren't supposed to look like that"
Nicole: "It's all about Fight Club Mom....."

My hands don't look like this on a regular basis -- this was after 100 pull ups and every time you dropped from the bar you had to do heavy kettlebell swings. After the first 20 I was dropping from the bar every 3-4 pull ups...yuck! Many people say that blisters or rips on your hands are a sign of your accomplishment or achievement. Sounds crazy...but in a weird way this is true.

Doing pull ups is one thing I've struggled with, it's not so much a physical deficiency as it is a mental block. During this workout I had to mentally block out the pain. I had to go to a place where I shut out the surface pain and focused my energy on my current state and task before me. I had to set aside all preconceived notions about what women can and can't do and push myself past a point I thought I was capable. When I dropped off the bar after pull up number 100 and looked at my bloodied hands all I could think was Fight Club -- "Stay with the pain, don't block it out" This workout left me with rips on my hands, in exchange I took my mind and body to a new level of accomplishment. The small wounds, my badge accomplishment.


Melicious said...

There are no words. 100 pullups?!


Bonita said...

Way to go Nichol!! Welcome to the club of ripped hands. Pile the Neosporin on those rips overnight without a bandage for a few nights and then cover them for a few days until you get a new layer of skin. Let them dry out after that and you are good to go!

erikajeanne said...

but Ma, it's fight club! hahahaha