Sunday, February 15, 2009

3 Pounds

I have a confession. I check out a few times a week. Whether Oprah is interviewing Academy Award Winners, is giving away her favorite things, or teaching the masses to meditate - Oprah.Com is on my list of sites I go to weekly. I love it! This week Gwyneth Paltrow was on the show talking about her new book with Chef Mario Batali. Also featured, was how Gwyneth eats whatever she wants, got her body back after her second child, and stays in shape. Gwyneth told America she owes her success to her "pint size miracle" Tracy Anderson, who is also Madonna's personal trainer.

If you've opened a magazine near the grocery checkout line in the last few years you might have noticed Madonna's body transform into a lean, strong, and feminine body. I have been very curious who was behind her training -- now I know! Let me say that I believe Madonna & Gwyenth look absolutley amazing. HOWEVER, the one thing that really threw me for a loop on the clip of Gwyenth's workout video was when Tracy (Madonna & Gwyneth's trainer) was captured stating the most curious phrase - "Only use 3 pound weights, no woman should lift more than 3 pounds"

This seems a little odd considering most women lift well over 3 pounds multiple times a day. I thought it would be interesting to figure out what I carry, every morning, from my apartment to my car, my car to the office, etc etc.

My Coffee Cup: 1.2lb
My Lap Top in Bag: 9 lb
My Work Bag: 5.3lb
My Lunch Box: 3.4lb

Makes for a GRAND TOTAL of: 18.9lbs I carry on any given day

I don't think training with less weight than what I carry every day of my life will train me for much of anything...maybe carrying a binder, pen, and few sheets of paper. Fortunately for me my life is a little more demanding than this. For all of you parents who lift children 20+ pounds I'm not sure 3lb weights would prepare you for your daily activities either.

In the CrossFit Women's workout this morning I lifted 20lb dumbbells (one for each arm) and I feel strong and beautiful. Lifting this kind of weight has not made me bulky what-so-ever. In fact, I look and feel the best I've ever looked and felt. I think I'll stick to my CrossFit-sized weights ;)