Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Freedom in a Measuring Cup

In late December I was sitting at a coffee shop with Mr. Jeremy Thiel talking about the Zone. I told him that the concept of The Zone was really complicated & that I didn't fully understand it. I mean, I ate good whole foods - why do I need to measure and weigh, if I'm eating healthy!! Besides, I just don't get it. His reply, "The reason you don't get the Zone is because you haven't made a decision to follow the Zone." Hmmmmm....... I thought.

I kept brushing the Zone off and continued to follow my "own healthy eating habits". Looming very near was January 1st and the I Am CrossFit Challenge. I finally decided to follow the Zone whole heatedly once and for all and see what happens. Not to just eat the recommended zone meals but to weigh and measure my food, even though I was convinced I wouldn't like being to "chained" to a measuring cup. Four weeks have passed and I must say I have found freedom in measuring my food.

A few Astonishing/Shocking Moments
1. We are gravely malnourished
Prior to making this Zone decision I maybe ate one fruit a day.....maybe. At dinner I would have broccoli or spinach, but only a cup or a handful. When I began to eat proper zone I was truly amazed at how many carbs, or fruits and vegetables, I was missing out on. We now have to make a shopping trip to CostCo to fulfill the carb side of our grocery list!

2. I Love My Measuring Cup
Every morning I bust out the measuring cup and put in the appropriate amount of carbs for my snacks and lunch and Zac's snacks and lunch (he gets more) It is seriously fun to know exactly what you are putting in your mouth each day. Planning out our meals, measuring the correct amount and putting it into containers/baggies for later gives me a new-found sense of accomplishment. When you do this during your morning routine you've already laid down a path for a successful day!

Our Grocery List for Fruits each week - this usually covers snacks, lunches, & spinach for dinner
Huge Container of Fresh Spinach
4 lbs Strawberries
4 lbs Grapes
4 lbs Plums
5 Oranges
Giant Bag of Apples (lasts us 2 weeks)
*That amount of string cheese shown in the picture lasts us 2 weeks too

Our Grocery List for Fruits each week (before weighing & measuring)
1 bag of frozen organic mixed berries
3-4 Oranges
3 -4 Apples

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