Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Pair of Shoes

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday I received a very generous gift - a new pair of shoes! It has been a while since I've purchased a new pair of shoes. I have to admit I have a certain affinity for a good pair of shoes. Growing up, when it was time for my sister and I to go shopping for new clothes or shoes, my Dad would always tell us "it's about quality not quantity" When it came to clothing items like jeans, a coat, or shoes he would always tell us to go for the best option - even if it was the more expensive buy. His point was buy things that are made well and made to last. Some of the shoes in my closet I've had since my college days!

I felt great wearing these shoes today. They were comfortable and they look pretty cute too! I began thinking about all of the kids and young adults that also have not had a good pair of shoes in a while. Their reasons and mine are quite different - but I imagine they appreciate a new pair of shoes as much, if not more, than I do.

This Holiday season we're setting a goal to donate 150 pairs of new athletic shoes to Kids in need. How do you feel when you slip on a pair of new athletic shoes? How much do you appreciate walking around in comfort? We want these kids to feel the same.

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