Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Women CrossFitters

This June CrossFit Central is launching a Women's Only CrossFit Program! This program is designed by women for women. Gone are the days of women "working out" without results, feeling intimidated when you walk into the gym, and not seeing the potential that is within. This is true fitness - nothing fancy or cute. You won't see an instructor telling you a movement is too advanced for you; instead, they will show you how to build up to the movement, they will give you a means to the end.

Doing the 300 Workout - Never Thought I'd be doing something like this!

When I first joined CrossFit Central (before I worked for the company) I started off in a boot camp - the CrossFit class was a little too intense for me. I had never lifted more than a 15lb. dumbbell, and the only thing I knew to do with it was to lunge with it in my hand. At the gym I steered clear of the weight section, because I didn't know what the heck to do with that equipment (not to mention the guys with bulging muscles staring at themselves in the mirror kinda freaked me out) When I took a peek at the CrossFit Central CrossFit program and saw people doing pull ups, and weightlifting moves - I figured it would be a safer bet to start off in a boot camp.

Soon I got a little adventurous and decided to try the indoor program, one class and I was hooked! I saw results in the Boot Camp, but what I was achieving in the CrossFit class were things I never fathomed I would be doing! I was loading barbells, attempting pull ups, swinging kettlebells, dipping on rings!!! This was unlike any fitness I had ever experienced and the best part - I became fit! I haven't seen my body look like this since high school (and back then I think it was the product of a high metabolism) Now I'm involved in adventure racing and on June 8th I will participate in my first triathlon!! The CrossFit Women's Program will be inspiring, fun, and the best part....your results will blow your mind.

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