Thursday, February 28, 2008

Female CrossFitters

CrossFit Affiliates all around the world have Super Stars inside their community. This is all a reflection of the Super Stars inside CrossFit HQ. The athletes that attract the most attention, however, are the women of CrossFit (Nicole, Annie, Jolie, Eva, etc.) Seeing men complete highly competitive workouts and lifting heavy loads over head is phenomenal but seeing a petite woman do it is jaw dropping and inspiring!

Carey Kepler (pictured above) is CrossFit Central's Celebrity Status Female Athlete. She has completed numerous marathons, an Iron Man, and continues to complete difficult workouts while 7 months pregnant! My prediction for the next up and coming CrossFit Central SuperStar is Crystal McReynolds (pictured below). She is shadowing none other than Carey Kepler and is beginning to show signs of a phenomenal CrossFitter.

What makes an amazing Female CrossFitter? You can look to Nicole, Annie, and Carey (to name a few) for this answer. They achieve amazing feats and live a healthy and active lifestyle while staying humble and grounded. They continuously strive for more and lead by example. Most importantly they love what they do and have fun! Oh and did I mention they kill the workouts and smoke the male athletes.....

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