Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Planning a Wedding, Piece of Cake!

When I tell someone I am currently planning a wedding for October, a shadow creeps across the whites of their eyes, their eyebrows furrow, and with a snicker they reply, "Good Luck!" This is never in reference to the actual nuptials, but instead, to the chaos that is planning a modern wedding. From the dress and Save-the-Dates to the choice of cake knife, and buttercream, whipped cream or fondant frosting? There are so many small details that go into planning a wedding!

But what these individuals usually don't know is the planning I take on for fitness events. At the moment I am working on The Fittest Games Challenge, various seminars, and the future Fight Gone Bad. Instead of A-line skirt or mermaid fit... it's which athletic equipment to bring, complie the participant lists, contact and follow up, location and accommodation, T-Shirt Creation -Red Text or White? Dates change, people register late, and forget their itinerary --and I love every minute of it! This wedding thing will be a piece of cake! :)

Above Picture: A couple married during a London Marathon...not a bad idea

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