Monday, September 13, 2010

Game Face

My Mom loves to tell the Chutes & Ladders/Candy Land stories. She says that when I was little I loved to play games.....but only if I won. Apparently I was one bossy and controlling little chick when it came to board games & making up games with the neighborhood kids. My Mom says "We had to let you win so you wouldn't throw a fit!" We have tons of video and audio tapes where I was caught in the act of directing the scene exactly how I thought it should be played out.

Usually went something like this:
Nicole: "Steven, when you ride your bike up the driveway you stop right here. No no.....right heeere. (As I drew a chalked line on the cement indicating where to stop) And then you look at David and say - David! There's a monster at my house! Okay?"

"David, you stand right here and look at Steven and scream and then we'll all run and hide in the backyard"


"Okay go!"

This would go on and on until it worked out to my liking. Thank God I grew out of this and turned out somewhat normal (even though the above picture proves otherwise). But it always makes me laugh when my parents tell these stories. I still love to play Games...and I still like to win but "winning" doesn't hold the same meaning for me.

I've learned, over time and through many experiences, that being competitive or wanting to win isn't a negative thing. It's how you re-act, how you portray humility and hold integrity whether you come in first place, second place, or last place that matters most. After all - it's only a game. The medal is perishable but the knowledge you gain during the experience, that lasts for eternity.

Pictured Above - Me & Zac @ Dave and Busters about to have a dance faces on

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