Monday, April 26, 2010

This City is Vibrating

Austin is an amazing city. Art, music, film, fitness, trails, hills, tress, lakes, rivers, creativity, buzz..and we are lucky enough to wake up each day in this environment. Every weekend there seems to be something going on from ballets and triathlons to food and wine festivals & art festivals, how can you not be in awe of this city!

This past Saturday Zac and I checked out the Austin Art Festival. This is by far the best way to buy art. Most of the time it's the artist, painter, or sculptor selling their work from a tent. You get to hear their story, learn where the piece was created, and ultimately what inspired them.

Zac's Pick: was from Andy Van Schyndle who lives in Wisconsin and traveled to the festival. His art is extremely creative - think creatures of the deep meets the mad hatter. Part reality and part fantasy, they're pretty amazing. The below painting was inspired by Space Invaders!

My Pick: A Captivating picture by a local Austin photographer, Greg Davis. He spent most of his life working with computers when one day he woke up and realized he wasn't living his truth. He started traveling and taking pictures. Turns out, he's pretty good! The below pic was taken in New Guinea at an annual peace meeting between native tribes.

After the first white man arrived in New Guinea in 1936 these tribes made the commitment to ban together and seek out peace. Every year tribes travel for days through the mountains and valleys to attend this gathering where they dance, eat, drink, and tell stories.

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