Thursday, October 22, 2009

Princess Pink Sugar Overload!!

Zac and I traveled to my parent's house this weekend for my niece's 1st Birthday Party! We had a blast and she is the most adorable 1 year old I have ever seen! All of our family that lives in the area came to celebrate. There was a ton of yummy food and of course a ton of wine. ;)

I did pretty good with the snacks and dinner, sticking to the meats, nuts, and vegetables - but then it was time for the main event - Birthday Cake. Sofia ate her over-sized cupcake with both hands and was covered in princess pink icing. I had 2 cupcakes, which were oh-so-good. Four hours later I was in the bathroom...insanely sick.

At first I thought it was the sugar shock to my system, but now I'm fairly certain it was a bit of a stomach bug since I was sick for a few days. Either way that memory is now connected to pink butter cream frosted cupcakes....don't think I'll be having one of those super sugary treats for a very long time ;)

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