Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Everything is Good - In moderation

One Very Important thing I learned from the 30 day Paleo Challenge - You still have to ZONE! Might seem like common sense to most but I thought that since I was eating good, clean food and following the Paleo way of eating I was good. Not so - like my Grnadmother always says, Everything is good, in moderation. In short a giant handful of almonds is not better than 3 or 6 almonds per snack as long as my goal is to loose 5% body fat. During the 30 day challenge I felt great, but I gained weight. Not a substantial amount, but enough for me to notice my pants were getting a little tight!! ;) So it's back to Paleo & Zone!

Check out Coach Jessicaa Sharratt's 30 day no cheat Paleo Challenge - she's killing it!

Last night's dinner was 100% grass fed beef, green peppers, avocados, and spinach - the picture shows Zac and I's dinner in progress! But of course Zac gets to eat WAY more than I do ;)

Monday night I made homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup - minus the tortillas and cheese - topped with fresh avocado slices it was AWESOME and perfect for an overcast day.


Catherine Hart Rebholz said...

I'm glad you posted this! I've been eating clean paleo but have loosened the reigns on zone proportions. I just started to wonder if my jeans seemed a little tighter. Back to 6 almonds instead of a handful!

Nicole said...

I know right! The tightening of clothes is always a true test ;)