Friday, July 24, 2009

Most Flamboyant Competitor Award

Last night at the CrossFit Games Celebration we gave away Super Hero Awards complete with Super Hero capes to all of the CrossFit Games Competitors. Their titles came from different things the athletes did over the weekend of the Games. Jeremy personalized each of the awards for the athletes - and for himself he wanted his award to be something along the lines of Most Prepared for the Unknowable Workout - making light of his performance on the hammer/stake workout. BUT last minute I decided to change his award to MOST FLAMBOYANT COMPETITOR AWARD.

Here's Why:
We got the title from the Games site - when they deemed him most flamboyant competitor
*While running up THE HILL during the 1st workout Jeremy had a huge smile on his face, encouraging other competitors

*After lifting 505lb deadlift he gave his judge a high five and turned to Sevan from HQ with a big smile and said, "Light Weight Sevan, light weight!"

*And of course his infamous celebration at the final workout of the 2008 CrossFit Games that took him into 3rd place overall.

All of the super heroes in their capes - not pictured Jess & Crystal

CrossFit Affiliate Team - Sweatiest Group Hug Award

Carey - Twinkle Toes. "At the last workout Carey took 1st place. She had already taken on 4 brutal workouts, athletes were dropping like flies. And heres Carey killin' this workout. She finishes 1st, runs over to the fence and does this crazy twinle toe dance. Then she runs off back to the athlete waiting area."

Crystal - Swagger & Style through the toughest workout sin the world. "Anyone who can take on 8 of the toughest workouts in the world and still walk up to the bar" (Jeremy put his hand on his hip with some attitude and mimicked walking to a bar, snatching it, throwing it down, stepping back from the bar popping out his hip with attitude and hand on the hip) "Now that's style"

Lance - Tough as Nail Award. "Lance took on these crazy workouts not only with a broken collarbone but also a sprained ankle. He fought through every workout and came in 34th place. Awesome job"

"To change one's life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions. " William James

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