Sunday, June 21, 2009

Life of Pi

Sometimes we read books, see movies, or listen to speeches at the exact time in our lives that we are ready to materialize the message. On one of my many trips to the book store I found myself perusing the shelves seeking the next book...glancing from cover to cover getting lost in the prose...when I came across a book cover that stood out from it's neighboring books. The shiny blue cover produced a row boat, a tiger, and a small boy. The complicated simplicity echoed in my head and I knew this was the next read. However, this particular book sat on my coffee table for 1 year. Every now and then I would pick it up when I was in between books but for some reason never made it past the first few pages.

A couple of weeks ago after a day in the sun I yet again picked up Life of Pi, read the author's note and within two days added this book to my Top 10 Favorite Books List -- a very tough list for books to make.

Life of Pi is a harrowing tale of survival, belief, courage and truth. It's about a boy and a tiger - I highly recommend it.....if you're ready.


Susannah said...

This is a great book! I think they are actually coming out with a movie sometime soon. I read it a few years ago and am thinking about reading it again because I think I would get something totally new out of it now.

Nicole Holstrom said...
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Nicole Hughes said...

I read that! Last I heard Ang Lee is slated to direct -- crazy!! ;)

4real said...

You all just gave me my next read!