Monday, April 6, 2009


Dezette was one of my favorite competitors this weekend. She trains at CrossFit Dallas Central and is a mother of two young girls. She put it all out on the floor this weekend and left with nothing to regret. As I watched the competition from under the blue awning of the official scoring tent I caught sight of Dezette on the pull up bar. She rocked forward, back, and pulled with all her might. She placed her feet on the box and looked over at CrossFit Central Coach Megan Parsons who was judging her movements. Megan shook her head, "Didn't Count"

I could see Dezette's shoulders slump forward in defeat as she looked over her shoulder at her coach Sam Nix. He slowly shook his head, gave her some pointers, words of encouragement, and told her to get back on the bar and try again. You could tell he would give anything to get on the bar and do the reps for her. Dezette turned her body forward, griped the bar, rocked, and pulled hard this time her clavical reaching the bar. She set herself down and looked at Megan. Megan shook her head, Didn't Count. "What?" Dezette gasped. "You've gotta get your chest to the bar" Cheers of encouragement rang out from the crowd. You can do it Dezette! Come on Girl, Try Again! Dezette must have had 20 failed attempts at pull ups, furthering her fatigue and questioning her abilities - but she kept going.

Coach Jeremy Thiel called Time after 20 minutes and Dezette kept going. She walked over to the rower and finished the workout with the 500 meter row. The other athletes and spectators cheered her on as she fought to finish the grueling workout. When she reached the 500 meter mark her coaches, Sam and Koy from CrossFit Dallas Central hugged her and told her how great she did. Her daughters bounded over to congratulate her. Tears streamed down her face.

Dezette pushed through when she didn't think she could, she competed against men and women half her age and didn't scale anything. She taught her girls very valuable lessons this Saturday and I was proud to have the chance to see it. Congratulations Dezette! YOU ARE CROSSFIT!

The Fittest Games Championship this Saturday was a tournament in strength, heart, and intensity! There were many people from all different backgrounds - some were personal trainers, some were CrossFit affiliate owners, there were students of CrossFit and others trained on their own. Everyone gave it their all.

Dutch Lowry originally from A&M with Sam Nix and Koy Nichols from CrossFit Dallas Central - it's always so much fun to run events with other CrossFit affiliates!


Lea said...

Nicole! This is so sweet and awesome! Dee is amazing and very inspirational! And I must say, your writing is great...maybe college is paying off in your case :) Keep up the good work. Miss and Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I love this Story, Dee is my fellow Super Hero at CFDC. She keeps us going. Dee doesn't do this for anyone but herself. She is a total inspiration. Thank you for your wonderful words, so happy to know that others feel about Dee the way we do at CFDC. She is our WonderWoman.

Mel - CFDC!

Dee said...

Nicole, reading this made tears stream down my face -- again!! I'm blessed to be a part of a wonderful family at CFDC. Thanks for such a heart felt and motivating article!!


TheWhit said...

Nicole, thank you for putting this into words! Made me choke up again. I helped count for her and on Saturday and Dee is DEFINITELY inspiring!! I was amazed over and over again by her that day. She never put the bar down, she never quit running, she never quit!! Clearly, she is physically strong but what I was most impressed by was her mental toughness. It's that quality, I think, that seperates CrossFitters from any other community.

I then was even more impressed by her when this week we've done similar workouts in class. All I can say is WOW!! Dee, you are a rockstar and one of my CrossFit heros!!! You have an awesome group behind you too which was great to see.

Everyone came with their A game that day and I am so excited that I got to be a part of it!! Keep it up and we'll see everyone at the Qualifiers!!

TheWhit said...
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