Monday, November 3, 2008

A Few Adventures

I've been on a bit of an extended vacation. Over the last 18 days I've traveled to Dallas for our wedding, Mexico to begin our Honeymoon, a few Texas Vineyards & Wineries, and ended up in Lubbock for the Texas Tech Game before returning to Austin and CrossFit Central. Below are a few pics from the 14 day journey

Zac & I in front of our balcony
The View from our balcony
Storms over the ocean

Visiting Wineries in Fredricksburg, TexasAt the Texas Tech/Texas Game - Go Raiders!Fans Rush the Field after the Tech Victory to bring down the Goal Posts!

Now it's Time to Dial in & Focus! Behind the scenes at CrossFit Central things are busier than ever - I Am CrossFit Campaign, The Lean Turkey Sprint, New Programs, New Success Stories, and Promotions for 2009!!! Time to get back to work ;)

In loving memory of Heath Stewart, who passed away on October 29th. I am so glad to have been a part of your life and had the chance to know you. The Stewart family is in our thoughts and prayers.

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