Thursday, May 8, 2008

Final Fittest Games Challenge!

The Final Event in The Fittest Games Challenge was a 5K Off Road and an unknown Challenge! It was held at Uzzell Farm in Bertram, TX. This challenge was very fitting and took a CrossFitter mentality to push through to the end! It all began with 50 weighted Sand Bag Squats - a 5K Off Road through hills, brush, and cactus, and ended with 50 weighted Sand Bag Squats! In the end it came down to a tie in the Elite Men's Division between Ken Kutrer of Ft. Worth, TX and Kris Kepler of Austin, TX. Lisa Bender took the Grand Prize for the Elite Women! This July they will be representing the Southern Region at the National CrossFit Games. The men and woman who participated in these challenges showed vigor and excellence like I have never witnessed before. Their tenacity to come out and compete once a month in different location all for the Sport of Fitness and Future of CrossFit was inspiring. Among the Elite Athletes: Ken Cutrer, Kris Kepler, Joe Cavozos, David de Leon, Chris Hartwell, Daniel Kang, Eric Copeland, Richard White, Marco Talamentez, Lisa Bender, and Jenny Ervin.

Zac and I at the Final Fittest Games Challenge

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